Phoenix is a new revival of the wholly student-run artistic, literary, and philosophical magazine of Imperial College London. We are determined to provide a platform and community for everyone, wherever they fit in the student body, to share and develop their creative/analytical works. In the process, we hope to help students find a soul and voice that is stereotypically lost at the university.

We collect and work with submissions of any medium we can physically print over the course of term N, and distribute the magazine for free during term N+1.

Pitch us your ideas, rough drafts, opuses of poetry, prose, art, philosophical theory, or anything in between - we can't wait to see your work in print!

X+02: Evolutions

Spring 2024

Editor: Fii Oladipo

X+01: Phoenix

Spring 2022

Editor: Archie Licudi

We want to hear from you! We want to hear your ideas for work, whatever stage that may be!

Email us at: Message us on instagram: @phoenix_zine Or use our online submission form: click here