phoenix is a bold reimagining of Imperial’s century-old student arts magazine which has provided a platform for a vibrant creative community often overlooked at the college.

if you’ve ever read something that’s inspired you and want to share your experience, if you’ve ever wanted to write about culture, art or literature, we want to hear what you have to say. pitch your ideas to us or just pick up a pen and start writing. we're currently accepting submissions until the 15th of December for issue X+01. we want to see creative work at Imperial that pushes boundaries or is the expression of its students, from prose to poetry or photography and anything in between. we're also looking for long-form articles in any stage from idea pitch to final draft, and people to join our editorial and design team.

if any of this sounds like it's for you, or you just want to talk, send us an email at, or start your submission today:

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